How To Build a Bunker Under Your House

Do you have a part of your basement that is not finished or even a dirt cellar? One way to use the space is to build a bunker under your house. This task can be done in many ways depending on the amount of work you want to do. Excavation may be necessary to build a bunker under your house. The … [Read more...]

Ultimate Guide: 131 Survival Foods

Storing food for an emergency is a crucial aspect for survival preparedness. The main thing to realize is the types of foods that can be stored. There are many types of foods that can stay fresh when they are in a suitable container. All you need to do is know the best survival foods … [Read more...]

DIY Basement Indoor Playground With Monkey Bars

Building a playground set is a great idea for people who have a big enough backyard. However, people who live in an area with limited outdoor space may not have this option. If a basement is available in the home, then an indoor playground is a greatĀ option. This is a DIY project that you may do to … [Read more...]