How To Host A Backyard Movie Night

Have you ever thought of watching movies outdoors during the summer or anytime the weather is good? If you do not have a drive-in around your area, then the next best thing is watching movies in your backyard. There are many things you need to do to set up a backyard movie night. There is more to … [Read more...]

Build The Perfect Backyard Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Do you like to make pizza, but want to use something different to bake your pie? An outdoor oven offers a lot of benefits over the oven in your kitchen. A backyard wood-fired pizza oven is a great option, if you know the best design to use. There are many ways to build a backyard wood-fired pizza … [Read more...]

DIY Gardening Reservoir Bins

Do you want to start a garden, but do not have a backyard that is usable? Container gardening will be a great alternative and can be done using any size container you have available. Some people might want something that is above ground like gardening reservoir bins. You can easily make your own … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Remove Tree Stumps

Trees are cut down for many different reasons. This can include having wood to burn for heat or to use when cooking a meal. A tree may also be cut down because it is diseased. You simply need to determine what to do with the stump. Luckily, there are many ways to remove tree stumps. Most people … [Read more...]

Grow 600 Plants in 36 Sq Ft Hydroponic Vertical Garden System

Do you have a large area of your backyard that is not being used effectively? One way for you to get a huge supply of food is to grow a lot of plants. A hydroponic vertical garden system can be set up in a 36 sq foot area to grow up to 600 plants. You can easily set up a hydroponic vertical … [Read more...]

Guide: Backyard Chickens 101

Do you have an empty backyard and want to do something that is productive? You can add a shed, but the addition of a chicken coop may be a much better option. If you want to have backyard chickens to have for eggs and food, then a few details need to be known. The most important thing to know … [Read more...]

DIY Eco-Friendly Redwood Pergolas

By Charlie Jourdain, California Redwood Association Of the many landscaping trends that come and go, one of the more enduring structures has to be the pergola. With its open sides and slatted roofs that offer shade without blocking the sun, redwood pergolas serve as gateways to formal gardens, … [Read more...]

9 Clever Ways For A Shady Backyard Oasis

Do you have a plain looking backyard that is in need of a makeover? If you like to spend time outdoors and in the fresh air, then shade will be important. There are many ways to have a shady backyard if you want to have your own outdoor oasis. A DIY shade cover is a great way to create a shady … [Read more...]

DIY Raised Bed With Benches

Do you like the idea of using a raised garden bed, but need an easier way to tend to your plants? If you enjoy DIY projects, then a great option is to make a raised bed with benches. This is a basic garden bed with built in benches to use for small tools or for sitting. Preparation of the ground … [Read more...]

How To Use Diatomaceous Earth In Your Backyard

Are you familiar with using natural methods for pest control in your home? One of the best options that a homeowner has to keep bugs and a variety of pests out of their home is to know how use diatomaceous earth. You may be surprised to know this product is also perfect to use in a garden. If you … [Read more...]