How To Keep Animals Away From Trees And Plants

Do you have various plants and trees in your yard that are being devoured by animals? You might have wild animals and even domesticated animals that can cause a lot of damage. The perfect option to keep animals away from trees and plants is to use a fence, but not in a conventional way. Setting … [Read more...]

Essential Manure Guide For Gardening

Do you know one of the best fertilizers to use on a homestead is still manure? But, not all manure that you find is the same. The manure animals produce will have different levels of nutrients. This is due to eating different types of foods. Your best bet will be to review a manure guide for … [Read more...]

19 Ways To Avoid Pre-Mix Commercial Feed

Raising chickens or other animals on a homestead means the right type of feed is essential. The cost of feed will vary based on numerous factors. However, there are many ways to avoid pre-mix commercial feed if you are looking for ways to save money. The best way to think of alternatives … [Read more...]