DIY Solar Altoids USB Charger Tutorial

You know Altoids, right? Those amazingly strong little mints in the tin can? Perhaps you are making your own fresh-breath replacement mints with this Homemade Altoid Mint recipe? Or, perhaps you're like so many and have stash of leftover Altoid tins taking up space in the garage? Well, if you've … [Read more...]

24 Manly Ways To Reuse An Altoids Tin

We probably shouldn't have to say much more than this: Portable Martini Shaker. In fact, this cool little metal box with a hinged lid has dozens of uses you may have never thought of. We've been making mini survival kits and first aid kits for years from old Altoids tins, thanks to a friend of … [Read more...]

Fresh Breath With Homemade Altoids

We're in love with this homemade Altoids recipe and are thrilled to make our own. Are you familiar with Altoids' history? Altoids date back to King George III. They were created by a London-based company in the 1780s.┬áIn the 19th century, they became owned by a company called Callard & … [Read more...]