How To Make Rum At Home

Are you interested in making your own alcohol like rum to have at home after a hard day of work? You can do this by using various methods by using the proper ingredients. The best thing is, you only need four base ingredients to make rum at home. The process to make rum at home will typically … [Read more...]

How To Make Hard Cider The Easy Way

Do you collect apples and make your own apple cider? You can use some of your apple cider to try out the process of making your own hard cider. The process used to make hard cider is similar to making beer, but a little bit easier. All you need is the proper equipment and time to make your first … [Read more...]

Clever Uses For Vodka That Will Surprise You

Vodka is a product that can be used for many things other than making drinks. The best thing is a cheap bottle is all you need to see what you can do with this type of alcohol in your home. You may find a lot of uses for vodka are absolutely brilliant. One reason¬†for the¬†many uses for vodka is … [Read more...]