SuperAdobe Earthbag House Construction

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Photo by: mylittlehomestead

Are you familiar with the sandbags that are used to build retaining walls to hold back water when there is a flood? You can use this same concept in earthbag house construction. This is a type of construction where the walls are made by using multiple layers of bags filled with dirt.

A great thing about earthbag house construction is you can add some internal framing. This will mean you may add things like windows and doors. A few temporary supports are needed for the window framing until the walls are built to hold them in place.

One thing to keep in mind about earthbag house construction is a lot of details are required. There is an assortment of things that you need to do to ensure the house is sturdy. Metal reinforcement bars (rebar) may need to be added to the walls and you also need to build the framing required for the roof.

SuperAdobe Earthbag House Construction


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