How To Stop Windows From Steaming Up

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Photo by: DaveHax

If you’re like we are, you probably get really irritated with fogged-up windows in your car. How many times have you muttered to yourself that you wished you had an effective method to stop windows from steaming up. It’s such a pain to keep wiping them when they’re steamed up and invariably there’s nothing in the car to wipe them with, so you end up wiping them with your sleeve. Then you’re stuck with a cold wet sleeve and a bad mood. If you could stop windows from steaming up in the first place, you could eliminate all that aggravation!

Well, we certainly know how you feel. A need to stop windows from steaming up has hit all of us at one time or another. That’s why we were so grateful to find a online video that provides you with step-by-step instructions for making a little device to put in your car to stop windows from steaming up once and for all.

This handy little DIY project works wonders in stopping windows from steaming up. It operates on the same principal as those humidity containers that you put in your bathroom to prevent moisture buildup that leads to mold. Only, unlike those boxy hard plastic things, these little devils are nice and soft and pliable and can be easily placed on your dash or under your seat where they will stay put.

The best thing about these DIY “socks” that stop windows from steaming up, is that they only take two items to make, a pair of socks and some kitty litter. What could be easier? Try this easy DIY project and after following these easy step-by-step instructions you’ll be able to turn a pair of socks and some kitty litter into an effective way to keep moisture out of your car.

How To Stop Windows From Steaming Up

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