How To Stitch A Wound In An Emergency

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Have you ever thought about how you would handle an emergency when you unable to reach help? Perhaps you are out camping or hiking or simply in the middle of nowhere and something happens, what would you do? Thankfully, there are resources available that can teach you some basic strategies on how to survive without conventional medical measures at your disposal. For example, we’ve tracked down a fantastic site that discusses the basics of wound care and how to stitch/suture wounds if no medical assistance is available. There is also a lot of general information available to help you survive in an unorthodox situation.

People are discovering many ways to live without running to the doctor. DIY methods are becoming more popular every day. It is good to have knowledge on some easily tackled subjects that can be handled from home or if you are out in the middle of nowhere and have no stores available or doctors nearby. Keeping a first aid kit handy is the first thing. If you buy one from the store pre-made it has most of the things that you’ll need to keep you from being sick (including instant ice packs, instant heat packs, gauze, Tylenol, Advil, Imodium, Band-Aids and much more). This is just in your average first aid kit that you can buy for about $10. With a more expansive medical kit, you could learn how to stitch a wound (especially if you take community classes on how to do it!) and not be as intimidated if an emergency crops up while on a wilderness hike and camping.

Emergencies are bound to happen and the more prepared you are for these situations the better. If you can stitch a wound it makes you valuable on trips. This is especially important when you are too far out to call on available help or receive help quickly. Some tasks are easier than others in learning to patch up injuries and keep dangerous wounds patched up until you can reach civilization.

How To Stitch A Wound In An Emergency

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