Stand Alone Solar Powered Algae Cultivation

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Algae is something that can easily be cultivated an easily renewable source of oil which can then be converted to bio-fuel. When properly cultivated, this is a much better alternative to most other methods used to create bio-fuel. Extracting oil is one option for the algae that is grown and another is to turn it into a fertilizer. If you are interested in making algae at home, then solar powered algae cultivation is a great option.

Getting started with solar powered algae cultivation is just like any other DIY project. You will need to obtain all the supplies that are needed for the project. This includes any tools that are necessary to assemble all the parts and pieces.

A solar powered algae cultivation project is a great way to learn electrical and mechanical functions. If you find that some of the steps in the process are too difficult, then you can probably seek any help that is needed from a local high school or college. The result of your effort is a unique machine that can grow fuel for your car or to heat your house.

Instructions for standalone solar powered algae cultivation are found on here…

Stand Alone Solar Powered Algae Cultivation

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