Sriracha Pickled Eggs Recipe

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Do you have chickens that produce more eggs than you can use? If you have a lot of eggs, then pickling some of them is something you might want to consider. There is a really awesome Sriracha pickled eggs recipe that you can use for this purpose.

Preparing this Sriracha pickled eggs recipe is not really difficult. This method is similar to the process that is used when canning fruits and vegetables. The main difference is the eggs need a couple of weeks to a month or so to fully pickle before eating them as a snack or to prepare with a meal.

All you need to prepare a Sriracha pickled eggs recipe is a supply of mason jars. A vinegar brine is used to pickle the eggs that have been hard boiled. You will really be surprised with the flavor of your eggs after a batch is cured and ready to eat.

So if you love pickled eggs, kick it up a notch with this Sriracha pickled eggs recipe available from here…

Sriracha Pickled Eggs Recipe

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