How To Split Logs Lengthwise

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Making your own lumber is an option to consider based on the timeframe you need to construct a basic cabin or other structure. There are many reasons to make your own lumber. One reason is the total cost will be measured in time and not dollars. However, you will need to have a source of suitable trees and know how to split logs lengthwise.

Turning logs into your own lumber is a task which was common before the invention of tools and mills to turn logs into lumber. If you are interested in old methods to perform modern tasks, then this will be a great way to start. Once you have your logs cut and ready to go, then all you need to know is how the process to split logs lengthwise is done.

There are a few things that need to be known to split logs lengthwise. The most important is having the right tools for the job. All you really need is a maul and a chisel or railroad spike. You may find that an assortment of logs are too big to split using a standard chopping block. This means that another way to split logs lengthwise is needed.

You do not necessarily need to have the bark removed to split logs lengthwise, but it will not hurt. This is a task that needs to be done on the ground. The reason is you will need to swing the maul and hit the chisel or wedge to open up the logs.

Once you start this process, then you may discover the process is long and may appear difficult. This is to be expected as the process to split logs lengthwise is not supposed to be easy. One big benefit is you will be getting a lot of exercise completing the process.

Instructions to split logs lengthwise can be found on here…

How To Split Logs Lengthwise

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