Sleep Better Naturally With Herbal Sublingual Sleep Aid Spray

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According to the National Sleep Foundation, 48% of Americans experience occasional insomnia and 22% experience regular insomnia. Additionally, women struggle with insomnia more than men and those who are stressed often encounter more restless or sleepless nights.

While causes and treatments for insomnia vary and it’s important to consult with your physician, there are natural remedies available. Frugally Sustainable offers a recipe to make your own sublingual sleep aid spray as a natural alternative to achieve peaceful sleep. It contains valerian root (among other natural ingredients) that has shown to be effective for treating insomnia.

To use the sleep aid, spray the liquid underneath the tongue either before sleep or when wakened during the night and find it difficult to easily fall back asleep.

Click Here To Sleep Better Naturally With Herbal Sublingual Sleep Aid Spray


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