Simple Instructions For Water Bath Canning Fruits And Vegetables

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Are you familiar with pressure canning to preserve foods you grow or have bought at the store? This is a great option if you have the equipment for the task. Another option that is actually easier for any food that has a low acid content is water bath canning.

The best thing about water bath canning is you may already have all you need to complete this process right in your kitchen. You can use a large stock pot for this task and that means no special equipment needs to be purchased. The mason jars to use for this task need to be very clean and without any cracks.

Water bath canning is a simple process that only requires time. You need to heat water and complete each step of the process is completed to ensure no mistakes are made. Expect to wait up to 12 hours after all the jars have “popped” in the water bath before testing the lids.

You can find the instructions for water bath canning on here…

Simple Instructions For Water Bath Canning Fruits And Vegetables

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