Simple Chicken Jerky Recipe (And Turkey Jerky Too!)

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Do you have a dehydrator at home that you use to dry out various types of foods? You might also use it to make tasty snacks like beef jerky. Something you may not have thought about is making chicken jerky. A chicken jerky recipe is available for this purpose.

The one important thing about any tasty chicken jerky recipe is having a lot of flavor. You may be surprised to know you will use minimal ingredients to obtain a really tasty flavor for your jerky. The flavor will come from pepper and just two sauces you may already have in your kitchen.

If you are familiar with making beef jerky, then a chicken jerky recipe is really similar. You need to use an electric dehydrator and have patience for the process to complete. Jerky will generally take about five to seven hours until it is ready to eat or refrigerate.

A super easy chicken jerky recipe is available on here…

Simple Chicken Jerky Recipe (And Turkey Jerky Too!)

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