Seriously Cool Craft Projects With Cement

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After you complete a few of these easy and cool craft projects, you will have some some truly amazingly beautiful and helpful item you can use around your house. Perhaps even more, you’ll get the comfort and confidence of working with the medium concrete.  It’s truly amazing how many things can be made with a little cement, a little water, and a little imagination. The chances are very good that when you look through these projects, you’ll think of all kinds of things you’ll want to build that are similar.

Cement is easy to find at any big box home improvement center. It’s only a few dollars for a bag large enough to make several of these projects. If you don’t think you can handle lifting a bag of cement, the people at the home improvement center will be happy to load it in the car for you. Remember, you can always remove it just a few cups at a time! 

For a full list of projects visit pippa at here…

List & Instructions For Seriously Cool Craft Projects With Cement

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