Self-Watering Planters For Growing Celery

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Many types of produce commercially grown have pesticides applied. However, chemicals are only one of the issue that are concerning about greens, such as celery, that are bought at most grocery stores. Celery, in particular, is seen as one of the worst for pesticide residue. The potential health issues with store-bought celery means that growing your own may be a better option and it can be easily done by growing plants in self-watering planters.

Celery is a challenging item to grow in a standard garden. The main reasons can be found in their shallow roots and need for consistent moisture. If the soil conditions are not correct, then celery will wilt and die. Basic self-watering planters are one way to eliminate this concern. Celery will require a long growing season and will take time to develop after planting seeds.

Most types of self-watering planters have a reservoir for water. This will need to be topped off on a regular basis to ensure the celery gets the required amount of moisture. Standard growing containers will need to be used when growing celery seeds. Once the seeds reach the seedling stage, then they need to be transferred into the self-watering planters. You can find containers to grow celery online and at many stores that sell gardening supplies. The best thing about using this type of container is that no weeds will grow that need to be removed. The self-watering containers are rather large, 18 gallons, and you will be able to put up to four celery seedlings in each of your self-watering planters.

Properly preparing celery is important before using any self-watering planters. The reason is seeds will not grow if the process is not done correctly. This means you should learn the best methods to ensure a perfect result from your efforts.

The process for using self-watering planters for celery is found on here…

Self-Watering Planters For Growing Celery

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