Saving Potato Water: Why You Need To Do It

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Cooking in the kitchen often meals there is a lot of preparation and cleanup that is needed. One type of food that is common with a lot of meal is mashed potatoes. This means you need to boil the potatoes to get them soft. Just make sure to save the potato water as it has a lot of interesting uses.

One of the best uses for potato water is making gravy. This will mean you can use the same water that you used to boil your potatoes as the liquid for the gravy. All you need to do is add some broth or drippings and you are all set. No other type of thickening agent will be needed.

Potato water is full of nutrients and means it can be used in your garden or given to your pets. You will also have the option to pour the water on your compost pile.

Information about using potato water at home is available on here…

Saving Potato Water: Why You Need To Do It

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