How To Render Lard

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The best type of fat for cooking that is typically healthier than the vegetable shortening at most grocery stores is lard. If you have the ability to make lard at home, then this will be a great way to have an item that is both healthy and traditional. All you need to render lard at home is a basic crock pot. There are a number of benefits that lard provides.

The best thing about the ability to render lard is the process is easy and affordable. You can easily save the fat from pigs and other animals to turn into lard. The most common use for lard is to fry food, but you also can render lard to use for baking.

Anyone who has animals on their homestead that are used as a source of food can render lard. That being said, many people often prefer lard from pigs. You do not want to use fat from pigs (or any other animal) that have been fed antibiotics in their feed due to the unwanted toxins that eventually end up in your food. If you do not homestead, then you need to look for fat from animals that have been pastured and fed clean feed (GMO-free and without antibiotics). The best option is to look for a local farmer who butchers their own animals. The fat should be all natural and can often be purchased cheaper than store-bought products to render lard at home. A crock pot will be the next thing you need to obtain.

A crock pot is the best choice to render lard at home. The reason is you can easily monitor the progress and adjust the amount of heat that is used. If you do not have a usable crock pot at home, then you can look at options online or at any kitchen supply store.

Instructions to render lard in a crock pot are found on here…

How To Render Lard

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