Recipe: Go-To Pizza Dough + Recipes

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Do you like pizza and are getting tired of buying pies from the store that have very little flavor? Making your own pizza at home is not a difficult task when using your own go-to pizza dough. If you can make a pie crust from scratch, then homemade pizza dough is just as easy.

You do not need a lot of ingredients to make a go-to pizza dough. All you need is some dry yeast, flour, and a little salt. One aspect to keep in mind is you are not making a flavored dough. This dough is really simple to make and takes about two hours, including cooking time.

The recipe you will use to make a go-to pizza dough will give you enough for two pies. One detail you may find to be really difficult is determining the type of pizza you want to make! You can add any type of sauce and cheese you prefer.

Instructions to make a simple go-to pizza dough at home are on here…

Recipe: Go-To Pizza Dough + Recipes

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