How To Recharge Single-Use Alkaline Batteries

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Regular batteries, the ones that are commonly used in remote controls, thermostats, flashlights, etc. are commonly alkaline. This means they are a “single-use” battery and will need to be replaced when it dies. However, technology exists that lets you use a specific type of battery charger to recharge single use alkaline batteries. This is a great way to get more use out of a regular battery without having to spend money to buy more.

One important thing to know about recharging alkaline batteries is that you must never use any “standard” charger for this process. This could potentially result in a battery exploding or a fire. The charger you need to obtain is specifically designed to recharge single-use alkaline batteries.

Since recycling is great alternative for the environment and becoming more popular each day, having a simple way to recharge single-use alkaline batteries is a great option. In addition to the charger, there will be an assortment of equipment that is necessary for this project.

The process to recharge single-use alkaline batteries will require “old” batteries. You also need to get a simple battery tester. The most important piece of equipment is the battery charger. A good charger can be used to recharge single-use alkaline batteries about 30 times. If you have “bad” batteries that are not able to be charged, then a good charger will let you know.

One of the most important steps in the process involves documenting each charge. Since batteries become more unstable over time you need to document each charge. This is easy to do by using a felt tip marker or sharpie. Mark each battery after each charge and note that if you want to recharge single-use alkaline batteries, the max charge is about 80 percent.

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How To Recharge Single-Use Alkaline Batteries

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