Raising Ducks On The Homestead 101

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Photo by: modernfarmer.com

Ducks are a great animal to have on your homestead. There are many things that you may not realize is the common behavior for these animals. This includes being able to run quite fast. You have various things to consider if you want to add these animals to others on your homestead.

Most people who want to have ducks on their property will purchase ducklings. There is then a need to research what you need to feed them and what they need for shelter and proper care. One option is to convert a chicken coop into a duck house. You can also build a duck house from scratch.

One reason to raise ducks is to have a supply of duck eggs. However, you also need to set up a fence or find some other way to keep your ducklings protected from predators. You also need to protect all your animals from disease like the bird flu.

Modern Farmer is a leading homestead authority on duck care and you can use the links below to learn more as you consider the addition of ducks to your homestead.

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Photo by: modernfarmer.com

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Photo by: modernfarmer.com

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