Quit Smoking Naturally: 25+ Ideas, Herbs, And Essential Oils To Help You Quit Smoking

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Quitting smoking is difficult, yet not impossible. While some are successful quitting by going “cold-turkey,” others need help and support to stay on track.

Frugally Sustainable offers several support methods for those ready to quit. They explain seven ideas of things you can do that will physically and emotionally encourage you not to smoke. Additionally, they share a list of seven herbs and eleven essential oils helpful to detox, curb withdrawals, improve lung functioning, restore health to the digestive and nervous systems, and help alleviate feelings of irritability, anxiety, and stress.  Not only to they list and explain each herb and essential oil, they also provide five recipes that you can make to counter the difficulties associated with quitting smoking and rebuilding your health.

5 Recommended Essential Oil Blends/Mixtures

Quit Smoking Mixture
Breath when the urge to smoke arises

Detoxification Blend
Apply to the skin to detox the liver

Digestive Blend
Take internally to restore normal balance in the digestive system

Respiratory Blend
Apply to the skin to restore the lungs and respiratory tissues

Relaxation Mixture
Smell to feel calm and relaxed

Click Here For 25 Ways To Quit Smoking Naturally

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