Quick And Easy Way To Pit Cherries

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Photo by: Handimania

Do you like cherries that are picked fresh from the tree? The only problem is you will have pits that need to be removed if you want to use them as a cooking ingredient. A store bought cherry pit remover can be used if you have one, but a simpler and easy way to pit cherries at home is also available.

Very little effort is needed when using an easy way to pit cherries at home. All you need to do is gather a few supplies and prepare your cherries. The preparation is easy, as you just need to remove the stems from the cherries.

You might see that an easy way to pit cherries can be fun to do with young kids. The pits that you have collected from your cherries can then be used to plant in your backyard or in a garden.

Materials List

Glass bottle
Chopsticks or wood skewers

Quick And Easy Way To Pit Cherries


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