Quackgrass Wine – Ferment Your Weeds!

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Photo by: commonsensehome.com

Do you have some weeds like quackgrass growing in your yard? This weed is one of many that is easy to harvest and can be used to make quackgrass wine. The process to make a tasty wine by using this weed is not difficult as long as you harvest enough weed for this task.

You need to have at least two pounds of this weed to make quackgrass wine. The weeds will need to be cut to separate the leafy sections from the roots. You will use the roots to make the wine. Fermenting is the process that will be used to produce a tasty beverage.

The process to make quackgrass wine at home will be about six months. This is the time that it takes to allow the fermentation process complete. The result will be a wine that will have a sweet taste that will have also have some hints of fruit.

Instructions to make your own quackgrass wine at home are on commonsensehome.com here…

Quackgrass Wine – Ferment Your Weeds!

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