Pandemic Preparedness | How To Protect Your Family From An Infectious Disease

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How-To-Protect-Your-Family-From-An -Infectious-Disease

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There are many types of health issues that can threaten any family. Anyone who is concerned about a health pandemic or any infectious disease will need to put together a survival kit. We’ve found a resource that will help you put together the most comprehensive and complete plan to keep your family safe. The best way for you to find the necessary information is to review the complete survival guide that is presented on the site. However, it is also important to get an idea of some of the information you can expect to find and just how impactful preparation can be during an emergency. The resource provides its summary of information in five categories: food and water, energy and self-sufficiency, safety, health, and family. To give you an idea of what you can expect to find in the comprehensive guide, here are entries from the overview categories:

Food and Water

  • Vertical storage can be used to keep 460 pounds of water in a space of three square feet.
  • Fresh water is vital for drinking and cooking.
  • Various dried foods are available that are self-contained when groceries are not available.
  • Vertical storage can be used to keep 300 pounds of food in a space of 2.5 square feet.
  • Plans are available for a DIY solar dehydrator to easily dry foods.

Energy and Self-Sufficiency

  • Dishes can be washed using a “waterless” method to conserve water for cooking and drinking.
  • Solar water heaters can be made to have hot water for washing and bathing.
  • Build a homemade incinerator by using a drill and an old metal drum.
  • Plans are available to make a disposable toilet using a 5-gallon bucket.
  • Kitty litter can be used to dispose of any waste material instead of disposing of it on the ground.


  • A simple spray bottle and a thin towel can be used to keep cool in extreme heat.
  • Remain disease-free by following a specific formula.
  • Plans are available to put together the perfect first aid kit.
  • Learn the five most important medicines to have on hand to treat any type of illness.
  • Learn how to clean areas to prevent the spread of an infectious disease.

Read through the complete manual and don’t leave anything to chance when any infectious disease may be present in your area.

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Guide To Protect Your Family From An Infectious Disease

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