Pot Roast In A Jar (Canning Roast Beef)

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Photo by: canninggranny.blogspot.com

Do you like the idea of canning food to have available when you want a tasty meal? All you need to do is determine which type of food you want to put into cans and then figure out what method to use. One idea that might just be perfect is canning roast beef.

The process to can roast beef is similar to any other type of meat. You will need to prepare the jars and the meat that will be canned. Mason jars will be used for this process and you will also need a pressure canner to use for canning roast beef.

One of the best things about canning roast beef is the cans will keep for months. This means you might want to put a date on all your cans. You will also need a dark and cool place for your canned meat. The best place will be in your basement.

Instructions for canning roast beef at home are available on canninggranny.blogspot.com here…

Pot Roast In A Jar (Canning Roast Beef)

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