Portable DIY Stainless Steel BBQ

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One activity that many people like to do during the summer or anytime of the year is grilling a variety of meats and many other foods. The most important aspect about grilling is having the right equipment. If any individual wants to grill food, then some sort of grill is needed. This can be purchased at most home improvement stores or any stores that offer seasonal items. However, another option is to build your own DIY stainless steel BBQ.

You do not need to fabricate sheets of stainless steel to make a DIY stainless steel BBQ at home. Any beer keg that is used or no longer functional is a great option. A 55-gallon drum is another source of metal, but it is not stainless steel. Cutting the casing of the keg is necessary. This means you will need to have a tool or two available to make a DIY stainless steel BBQ.

The cutting tool needed for this project can be found at many hardware stores or at a home improvement store. However, welding is another task that is necessary to make a DIY stainless steel BBQ. This is a skill most people will not know. The best option is to see if a friend is available to do the welding. You will also need to obtain a few necessary parts to complete your DIY stainless steel BBQ.

The BBQ grill you make will be easy to transport as it can easily be placed on a trailer, in a trunk, or in the back of any vehicle. One detail you might want to consider is adding a latch to secure the lid if you do not want it to pop open. Your DIY stainless steel BBQ may be used anywhere you find any place it can sit. This can be on a table or a custom-made stand.

Instructions to build a DIY stainless steel grill are found on instructables.com here…

Portable DIY Stainless Steel BBQ

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