Poo-Pourri: The Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

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First, and foremost, you must watch the video commercial below for this product. Why?  Because it is hilarious and you’ll watch it several times and then you’ll want to share it with friends. This product, PooPourri, is an all-natural preventative toilet deodorizer spray to eliminate any and all foul bathroom odors. While marketed toward women, it can be used by anyone.

The spray works by spritzing the toilet water before any “business” is conducted. The spray traps all bad odors and washes them out with the flush, leaving no lingering smells as evidence. As you can imagine, this spray would be useful at offices, parties, your home, and yes…even the home of friends, family, and lovers. Poo-Pourri reviews well on Amazon with a 4.7 out of a 5.o star rating. So if you think this spray will come in handy for you (or someone you know), then you can pick it up at Amazon, or shop directly from the manufacture.

So, go on now and watch the video commercial the Poo-Pourri deodorizer spray. Be ready for a belly-laugh!

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