Planting Bare Root Trees And Shrubs

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Most trees and shrubs that are available to purchase at a local nursery are potted and ready to plant in a residential landscape. However, various shrubs and trees purchased online will usually have bare roots. Bare root means the roots are not covered in soil when shipped. Any bare root trees you acquire will be planted by using a similar method to seedlings that are started indoors.

The key to planting bare root trees is timing. If the soil is not yet ready for planting, then you will need to make sure the roots remain moist. The best way to do this is to keep the roots of the tree covered by using a damp cloth. When you are ready to plant your bare root trees, then the roots of the trees will need to be submerged in water.

You need to uncover the roots before placing any of your trees in a container of water. This step will be crucial to the survival of bare root trees when planted in soil. If you skip this step, then you may have a tree that might die or will take more time to develop a healthy root system.

Any type of plant needs to be at a specific depth and bare root trees are no different. This means a hole needs to be dug using a shovel or other garden tool. If you do not have a suitable tool available, then look at a hardware store or home improvement store in your area.

Proper preparation of your bare root trees is necessary before planting in the soil. This will include cutting and trimming any dead limbs or roots. Make sure you follow each step of the planting process if you want to ensure the tree roots fully develop. This includes watering the trees regularly.

Instructions to properly plant bare root trees are found on here…

Planting Bare Root Trees And Shrubs

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