Pine Needle Salad Dressing Recipe

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Items that grow in nature offer numerous opportunities to include them in various foods. This includes the fruits, berries, leaves, and even the sap from trees. One tree many people might not realize offers a unique ingredient for some types of foods is the pine tree. The needles of many pine trees can be made into a delicious and healthy pine needle tea, and even can be added to a variety of ingredients to make a pine needle salad dressing.

The most important thing to know about making a pine needle salad dressing is to use the right type of pine needles. You need to use actual pine needles and not needles from evergreen trees. The needles of pine trees will be in clusters ranging from two to five. These trees keep their needles all year long which means you can harvest them at any time to make a pine needle salad dressing.

One thing about collecting pine needles is you may find some have a better taste than others. You need to collect needles from various trees to determine which offer the best flavor. The best option is to find young pine trees as the needles will add the most flavor to your pine needle salad dressing.

Adding pine needles to boiling water is a simple method to pine needle tea. However, you will need to use another process to prepare a pine needle salad dressing. The pine needles that you have collected need to be fully dry before being used. Cut the needles and spread them on your counter. Leave them for about a week.

Another option is to heat them in your oven to remove any moisture. If you use this method, then your pine needles will be ready in less than one hour. You can make a pine needle salad dressing at home by using olive oil and a glass jar. A mason jar will be the best container.

The recipe┬áto make a pine needle salad dressing are found on here…

Pine Needle Salad Dressing Recipe

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