Pickled Peppers Recipe

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Photo by: commonsensehome.com

Do you enjoy canning fruits and vegetables at home? Something you may want to try when you have a supply of peppers from your garden is to pickle some. Pickled peppers are easy to make as you will not need to use a pressure canning process.

A simple water bath is all you need to make pickled peppers at home. You simply need to prepare all of the peppers by cutting them into small pieces. The jars for your peppers also need to be cleaned and put in boiling water to make sure they have been fully sterilized.

Pickled peppers are great to use as a condiment for burgers, hot dogs, and even chili cheese fries. If you like the taste of pickle relish, then these will be a perfect substitute or maybe even a replacement. This will be a great way to reduce your intake of artificial preservatives and other additives.

Instructions to make your own pickled peppers are on commonsensehome.com here…

Pickled Peppers Recipe

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