PB2 – You Can Have Peanut Butter On A Diet

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We LOVE this product and think you will too.  It’s called PB2 and it’s powdered peanut butter.  We know it sounds a little weird, but just add water and you get a creamy peanut butter that’s just as tasty as any of the “normal” major brands.

Here’s the best part – PB2 has less than a fourth of the calories and a tenth of the fat than regular peanut butter!  So peanut butter lovers rejoice, you CAN have peanut butter and stick to your diet.  This stuff is great even if you’re not on a diet! We love it on sandwiches, as a dip, and it’s perfect in smoothies. In fact, we’re always checking out new PB2 recipes.

PB2 Comparison

The manufacturer of this product is Bell Plantation, located in the peanut capital – Georgia.  Their regular PB2 has just three ingredients: roasted peanuts, salt, and a little sugar, AND the process they use is chemical free.

Amazon has been our most reliable sources for buying PB2, as it’s often sold only in hospitals’ weigh management centers, or it’s on back order from the company.

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