Pallet Project: Build A Cheap Chicken Run

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A chicken run is simply an enclosed area for chickens to go when they want to leave the coop. You can set of a basic enclosure in many ways. The option you choose will depend on the materials you have to use for this project. One option is to build an enclosure from wood or metal based on cost. If your plan on a cheap material, then used (non-chemically treated) pallets are a great choice.

You can easily reconfigure used pallets to make a basic chicken run for your property. However, this is a task that will require using various tools and supplies. You will need a regular tape measure, power drill, and screws. If you are missing one or more items, then go to a local home improvement store.

Proper planning is needed to build a chicken run on your property. This includes determining where to mark the area for the enclosure and preparing the ground. Your enclosure needs to be level to keep the pallets at the same height. You may need to dig a trench to properly level the pallets you will set up for your chicken run.

Getting the pallets that you need to make a simple chicken run may be challenging. Used pallets can be found at many recycle centers and at some businesses. You may need to search in your local area to find discarded pallets or a business that has them for sale.

The wood used to make pallets needs to be a certain type. Pressure treated wood is the best option for a chicken run as the wood will not rot. One important detail to note when you need to attach the pallets is not splitting the wood. Make sure to drill a pilot hole for the screws first. You can then decide on a simple gate for your enclosure.

Instructions to make a simple chicken run are found on here…

Pallet Project: Build A Cheap Chicken Run

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