Pairing Wood Chips For Meat Grilling

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Smoking meats is done by burning wood inside a smoker. The same principle applies when you have a regular grill and are using wood chips. Certain types of wood will impart a specific flavor to any meats you are cooking on your grill. The main thing to realize is properly pairing wood chips to have the best flavor possible.

Meats that you can grill come in many types depending on the animal. You can grill ham, beef, chicken and even fish. The type of wood chips to use will depend on the flavor profile you desire. This means there may be a a specific type that is required. This is why pairing wood chips is important. If you use meats with the wrong type of wood chips, then the flavor may not be the best.

The process of pairing wood chips requires an understanding of the flavors that are available. You may find certain combinations of proteins and wood chips creates an outstanding flavor. If you like how the flavor of barbecue tastes, then find out the type of wood that was used.

Another option is to try pairing wood chips with various meats to see the flavor that is produced. Make sure to use wood chips that are desirable. You can find various types of wood chips that are already packaged to buy. However, you may want to make your own if you have the wood available.

Proper preparation is important when pairing wood chips with certain types of meats. Never add wood chips that are dry to the hot coals of a charcoal grill. This can cause the wood to burn and not produce the smoke that is required. There are other details about pairing wood chips that are important to know if you plan on cooking meats on a grill.

A list you can use for pairing wood chips is found on here…

Pairing Wood Chips For Meat Grilling

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