15 Earth Day Projects For The Home And Garden

Are you interested in doing something around your home to help celebrate Earth Day? Truth be told, every day is Earth Day, and there are a variety of ways that you can be environmentally friendly and be as productive as possible. There are many Earth Day projects you may want to do as a DIY project … [Read more...]

Sweet Pickle Relish Recipe

Are you itching for the start of summer when you can go on a picnic or grill some hot dogs? Maybe the taste of freshly grilled hamburgers sounds good right about now. One thing that you will need to have for a condiment is relish. You can easily make your own sweet pickle relish at home. Making a … [Read more...]

All About Tomatoes For Spring Planting

Are you counting the days until the warm weather of spring means you can get back outside to work at updating your garden? There are many crops that you can plant in the spring like tomatoes. This means you may want to review some tips when considering tomatoes for spring planting. If you have … [Read more...]

14 DIY Delightful Rain Chain Projects

Are you interested in doing something creative in your garden or to the outside of your home? Making a rain chain is a great way to add some visual appeal and to help direst and collect rain water. Homemade rain chains are rather easy projects, but you need to have an idea to use. Luckily, there … [Read more...]

DIY Pond Filter Tutorial

Are you interested in ways to keep the water in your pond clean? If you have any type of pond like a tub or a plastic insert, then algae build up might be a problem. The best solution is to set up a DIY pond filter to help keep pond scum and algae to a minimum. The most important thing to know … [Read more...]

14 DIY Effective And Natural Ant Killer Recipes

Are you getting tired of being overrun by ants during the spring and summer? If you do not want to use a store bought products to kill ants, then a perfect option is a homemade ant killer. A natural¬†product is easy to make if you have some DIY effective and natural ant killer recipes to use. The … [Read more...]

Mound Gardening Basics For Growing Root Vegetables

Do you like cooking meals using fresh vegetables like carrots or some radishes? There are many types of root vegetables you can grow in a simple garden. If you like to experiment, then you might want to try your hand at mound gardening. You can also try mound gardening out of necessity. This is a … [Read more...]

How To Open A PadLock With A Nut Wrench

Do you know that some padlocks are not made with quality materials? This will mean that you can open a lock even when you do not have the key. In fact, you can even open a padlock with a nut wrench if¬†the key is nowhere to be found. One really important thing to know about being able to open a … [Read more...]

How To Profit From Collecting And Selling Scrap Gold

Do you know that you can make a lot of money by collecting scrap gold? Many items that are made of metal that are discarded in the trash could have a lot of scrap value. However, if you have an interest in collecting and selling scrap gold, then you need to look at jewelry. The best places to … [Read more...]

18 Brilliant No Sew Projects For The Homestead

Do you have a lot of items that are made of fabrics you are thinking of throwing away? A better option is to keep them as material to use for making custom craft project. If you do not like to sew, then a perfect option will be to try some no sew projects for the homestead. Many no sew projects … [Read more...]