Old Style Raspberry Syrup Recipe

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Photo by: instructables.com

Have you spent time mashing strawberries to use for strawberry shortcake? You can do something similar with raspberries if you want to make old style raspberry syrup. There are only a few extra steps to have a syrup that can be added to a stack of pancakes and even ice cream.

The hardest part about making an old style raspberry syrup is picking all of the raspberries. You need to have about five or so cups of berries for one batch of syrup. If you grow your own berries, then you will not need to purchase any for this task.

You will need to wait at least 12 hours after mixing the recipe for your old style raspberry syrup. The syrup will take anther 8 to 10 hours to strain before it can be used. You may want to chill it first before adding it to any type of food. Another option is to add some water and enjoy a cold beverage.

Instructions to make old style raspberry syrup are on instructables.com here…

Old Style Raspberry Syrup Recipe

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