Non Invasive Bumblefoot Treatment And Success Stories

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If you have chickens, then you probably know that bumblefoot is a fairly common infection of their little chicken feet. They call it bumblefoot because a bumble is a small lesion. Since chickens spend much of their time walking around on surfaces that are rough and hard, they can get small wounds on the bottoms of their feet. Those wounds are then susceptible to infection from a type of bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus, resulting in bumblefoot, which can only be cured with an effective bumblefoot treatment.

Several of our chickens recently developed bumblefoot, so we knew were going to need to find a good bumblefoot treatment. We first noticed the small red areas on the bottoms of their feet and could tell that they were hurting. We don’t think of our animals as livestock, more as our pets, and that goes for the chickens as well. So, that’s why it was so important to us that we find an effective bumblefoot treatment for our little feathered friends. We had also heard that this infection, if left untreated, could deform their feet and even become fatal.

With the goal of finding a quick and effective treatment, we started to search for more information. We were quite excited when we came across a website that had a feature on a bumblefoot treatment that both the author and several other folks had tried with some success. The bumblefoot treatment was easy to use for us and painless for our chickens. It’s also non-invasive and just involves daily foot soaks.

The bumblefoot treatment story involves four separate cases where the owners of the chickens used the bumblefoot treatment to cure their chickens’ feet. The case studies come complete with pictures before and after the bumblefoot treatment. Each case also includes the dosages used by the owners and how effective they were.

Find out more about each of the cases and how to implement a non-invasive bumblefoot treatment from here…

Non-Invasive Bumblefoot Treatment And Success Stories

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