Natural Ways To Deal With Slugs

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Do you have a garden which is being invaded by all sorts of pests? One type of pest you might not think about which can cause a lot of damage is slugs. Slugs require moisture to survive and this means you will have a lot of options to deal with slugs that are causing a problem.

Anything that is dry that can act as a fertilizer that slugs will avoid. You can easily use egg shells or an assortment of coffee grounds to deal with slugs. These will help keep slugs out of your garden and will also help to add a significant amount of nutrients to the soil.

The best ways to deal with slugs in your garden is to use natural solutions. A great idea is to make your own mulch with pine needles or ash from burned wood. Make sure to surround your garden with the mulch to help keep it protected from slugs.

A list of natural ways to deal with slugs is on here…

Natural Ways To Deal With Slugs

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