Natural Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

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Natural-Treatment-For-Urinary-Tract-Infection-UTI Just the usual symptoms of a urinary tract infection (known as a UTI in the medical world) are enough to make anyone want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Almost everyone has either experienced the symptoms at one time or another or has heard about them. The age old treatment of drinking cranberry juice is still as good today as it was for your grandparents. Just be sure to use the unsweetened 100% cranberry juice and drink 4-6 ounces four times a day. The cranberry juice has something in it that keeps the bacteria from adhering to you and aids in flushing out the bacteria.

If your symptoms don’t get much better in just a day or two, you should see your doctor. Recent study results (published in mid December of 2013) have shown an antibiotic resistant strain of E. Coli known as H30-Rx is the main cause of all kinds of bacterial infections in women and the elderly in the past few decades. It is a strain of bacteria which can pass from the urinary tract to the bladder, then to the kidneys, and from there into the bloodstream, causing a condition known as sepsis – an extremely serious health condition.

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