Natural Solution To Keep Bugs Out Of The Sandbox

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Have a cool sandbox but don’t want your kids to play in it because of all the bugs?  Even with a sandbox cover, the bugs seem to get in and spoil the fun.  The solution is easy!  Just add cinnamon before you add the sand.  If you already added the sand to your sandbox, move as much sand as you can over to one side, add some cinnamon, then cover that cinnamon up.  Repeat that process on all four sides (if the sandbox is square) and in the middle.

The idea is to get a decent amount of cinnamon under the sand.  An average sized sandbox should be “treated” with about 3 ounces of cinnamon.  If you live close to a Costco or a Sam’s Club you may want to buy the giant economy size, as you’ll probably find you need to treat the sandbox after every rain.

There’s one great side effect of this bug treatment:  Your kids will smell great when the come in from playing in the sandbox!

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