Natural Extermination Of Red Fire Ants

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Fire ants are aggressive and easily can damage, if not destroy, a garden.

Perhaps they are most problematic when then they enter a home, as their sting is fairly painful.

Over at Knowledge Weight Nothing, we found two effective ways to eradicate red fire ant colonies out in the garden areas, and one solution to use in and around the home.

Click Here For Natural Extermination Of Red Fire Ants


  1. One solution in this article is to dig up the ant colony. Has the person who wrote this every encountered fire ants in reality? No way would I do or recommend such a painful solution. It doesn’t matter if your pants are tucked into your socks. Those ants are going to climb up to your face if necessary and bite the **** out of you! They are well named because the bite does feel like fire. Plus, there are multiple kinds of fire ants here in the US and I don’t know if the orange peel solution will work for all, or any of them.

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