Making Hot Process Soap In A Crock Pot

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Many products that people purchase every day can often be made at home. One good example is soaps used for bathing and cleaning. Soaps can be made using various methods. If you have in interest in the production of your own soap, then finding an easy way to make them may be ideal. Hot process soap can be easily made in a slow-cooking vessel, such as a crock pot.

One of the benefits of hot process soap from a crock pot is the even cooking that will result in a much better product. If you want to try this at home, then make sure to use an old crock pot. You do not want to use any crock pots to cook food after making soap. Another benefit of hot process soap is faster curing once the soap is in your molds.

There are only a few ingredients needed to make homemade soap. You will need olive oil, castor oil, a bit of sodium hydroxide, oatmeal flour, honey, and water. Make sure to have proper skin and eye protection as the sodium hydroxide can cause skin irritation. One important thing to keep in mind about hot process soap is mixing the ingredients properly.

Very important – the sodium hydroxide or lye needs to be added to the water. If you switch that around and add the water to the lye, then the possibility of an explosion exists. This is the reason to wear skin and eye protection. The rest of your ingredients will then need to be added to the crock pot to continue the hot process soap-making procedure.

Thickening of the liquid may require the use of an immersion blender as stirring may be too much for you to do by hand. The result you are looking for will be a pudding-like consistency. One important detail you need to consider when using the hot process soap method is the type of mold to use. The tutorial offers several suggestions and some helpful hints that will let you streamline and enjoy the process.

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Making Hot Process Soap In A Crock Pot

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