Making Evaporated Milk From Powdered Milk Guide

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Making evaporated milk from powdered milk is a useful tactic as stored canned milk products need to be rotated frequently as they expire quicker than expected. To offset this challenge, you can take a tip from this clever tutorial and switch to powdered milk. In this tutorial, the author provides two easy recipes to use that will adapt powdered milk into evaporated or sweetened condensed milk that would be an ideal replacement for any callout for those items in recipes. As you would expect, the key addition to the powdered milk is water. However, using powdered milk will allow you to store the product longer and you can shop around to find the most affordable kind of powdered milk for your needs.

Discover how to use powdered milk to make delicious evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk at here…

Making Evaporated Milk From Powdered Milk Guide

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