Making Bread From A 2,000 Year Old Recipe

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Bread is a wonderful food that has been made by people all over the world for thousands of years. Baking your own bread today can easily be done by using a modern bread-making machine. Of course, traditional bread-making is just as good, and many would say even better. Which ever you choose, making bread at home can be an ideal way to ensure you have a good supply of food on hand.

Here we have really old recipe can be used for making bread at home. The recipe is slightly modified from the original as the exact same ingredients may not be available. However, the result is a tasty bread you can make for toast or to use when making a sandwich.

Very little kneading is needed when making bread using an old recipe. The key is to allow the dough to rise before placing it in the oven. One thing that is fun when using an old recipe is you can even make a mark or design in the dough.

Instructions for making bread at home from an old recipe are on here…

Making Bread From A 2,000 Year Old Recipe

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