Make Your Own Wheatgrass Shots Without A Juicer

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Make-Your-Own-Wheatgrass-Shot-Without-A-Juicer When we saw this video, we knew we had to pass it on, especially after mentioning the 21 amazing benefits of wheatgrass.  Plus, not everyone has a juicer.

SteelJan is truly pleasant to watch and listen to – she has such a great personality and you can tell she’s just happy to be alive!  She shares her simple step-by-step procedure of how she cuts and “processes” her wheatgrass with just a blender and a french press – and how she turns something that’s usually a little, well, icky tasting, into a tasty healthy smoothie.

If you’ve considered growing your own wheatgrass but were a little put off by the price of a good wheatgrass juicer – the price is a little crazy for the good ones – this might be the solution for you!

Also, if you want to grow your own wheatgrass, then read our post Grow Your Own Wheatgrass. It’s easy and cheap and the wheatgrass grows quickly.

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