How To Make Your Own Ready To Bake Cookies At Home

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Are you at all familiar with store bought cookies that are ready to bake? These are cookies that typically come frozen or chilled that simply need to be baked. This is a quick way to have a tasty snack. You can make your own ready to bake cookies as a gift or to have for yourself.

The type of ready to bake cookies you can make will vary. A simple to follow recipe can be used to to make a batch of savory tasting cookies at home. Once the dough had been prepared, it needs to be rolled into the shape of a log.

Your dough can be used right away or placed in the refrigerator to firm up. Simply use a knife to make cookies slices that are similar in size. Place your ready to bake cookies on a cookie sheet. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about least 15 mines and allow to cool a bit before you enjoy.

Instructions to make ready to bake cookies can be found on here…

Make Your Own Ready To Bake Cookies At Home

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