Make Your Own Flavored Mayo

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Make Your Own Flavored Mayo


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Regular mayonnaise is a common staple on burgers, sandwiches, and many other foods. Mayo also is a product that is used as a cooking ingredient when making a dressing. However, regular mayo is an item you can take to the next level by adding a unique flavor. You can easily make flavored mayo to have as a dipping sauce or sandwich spread. You can start with store-bought mayo or homemade mayo.

One interesting way to enjoy flavored mayo is to provide is as a condiment with a side of fries. A basic recipe can be used to make various flavors of mayo based on any need or preference. You can make an assortment of flavored mayo ranging from creamy to spicy. This means you can easily offer this item to make everyone at a party happy.

Your flavored mayo will need to be packaged into a proper container. This can include regular glass jars to individual plastic containers.

Make sure to keep your flavored mayo in the refrigerator until it needs to be used. The mayo will have a shelf life that is based on the regular mayonnaise that was used for the project. If you enjoy the result of your efforts, then you can use this as a great gift idea for a friend or family member.

A list of flavored mayo you can make at home is found on here…

Make Your Own Flavored Mayo

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