How To Make Stylish And Low Cost Planters

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Adding custom built items to your home is a great way to improve upon an existing design. You have a variety of options to consider for custom built items. One option is to make decorative planters to set on your deck, patio, or porch. You can even add a few low cost planters anywhere around your yard.

There are many ways to make low cost planters for use on your property. You have the option to use an existing item or build your own from scratch. This is something you can build from wood or other type of material. You may find using existing material, like 55 gallon plastic drums, then cover the barrel sides with new or scrap wood.

The main thing about making low cost planters is finding cheap materials. This is not something that is doable by going to a home improvement store. Your best option is to find scrap wood or wood which has been reclaimed from a barn or other structure. As for the barrels, you can pick them up inexpensively from restaurants, warehouses, and some shops that specialize in used containers. Just make sure to obtains food grade barrels for your planters.

You have the option of making low cost planters that will drain water by drilling holes into the bottom of the plastic drums. This means you will need to use a base of some sort to contain any excess. If you do not want to do this, then you might need to place the planters in your yard where the ground will soak up any water draining through the planters.

A few tools will be needed to build your low cost planters. The best tool for this project is a nail gun or a staple gun. This is because no other method is suitable to attach the wood boards for your planters. You may also find other methods that might work better for your needs.

Instructions to make low cost planters for your home are on here…

How To Make Stylish And Low Cost Planters

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