How To Make A Stand-Up Desk

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A desk does not have to be a piece of furniture that requires you to sit in a chair all the time. You easily can build a rolling desk that you can stand behind to work on a computer or do other work. Why would you want one of these? Butt-numbness for starters. Joking aside, more and more people who sit and work at a desk all day are swapping out traditional desks for standup desks to improve their health. In fact, if you like this design, you also might consider a DIY treadmill desk.

The cost of the materials to build this type of desk will be about $100. You can easily find all the materials to construct a custom desk for your home at any home improvement store. There are many design options to consider. One detail to think about is the wires for any electronic components that will be added. The best thing to do is connect the wires to a power strip so you only have one plug to worry about. If you add rollers to your stand-up desk, then it will be easy to move. Just make sure you have wheels that can lock so the desk is stable.

Building a stand-up desk will require various types of tools. This project will involve using screws that will require the use of a power drill. You can use nails, but the structure will not be as strong. Wood may also be painted or stained based on the type of finished product you desire.

There are many uses for a stand-up desk depending on the application. You can build a desk to use in a home, a dorm room, or place of work. The addition of casters will mean you can easily move it when your layout preferences change.

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How To Make A Stand-Up Desk

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