How To Make Squirty Snow Paint

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All of that sparkling clean new-fallen snow outside on that gorgeous December day and all our kids could see was a huge canvas and think “Let’s paint it!” Truthfully, that seemed like a fun idea, but where would we get snow paint? We’d never even heard of it, so it seemed that maybe their exciting and creative snow paint idea might just die on the vine if we couldn’t come up with some.

Not wanting to disappoint them, we searched online and found a recipe for snow paint complete with detailed instructions and cute full color pictures. The kids loved looking at the pictures and were getting more and more excited about their snow paint project. Fortunately, it was a remarkably simple recipe and it didn’t take long to mix up the snow paint. Unfortunately, it took much longer to get the kids all bundled up to go outside in the snow. Once they had their jackets, hats, boots and gloves on, they ran out with their snow paint in hand, squealing and challenging each other to paint the best picture in the snow.

The great thing about snow paint is that it only takes two ingredients plus some plastic squirt bottles. For snow paints, all you will need is a little water and some liquid watercolors or food coloring. If you want the snow paint to be scented, you can also add some Kool-aid packets to the paints for some fun aromas. As you can tell from the title of the project, the important component is the squirt bottles that will let you and your little ones paint their imagination into the snow. When we did this project, we would give a small prize for the best snow paint project and our competitive kids got a kick out of the idea.

If you want to learn how to make squirty snow paint, you can find the complete directions at here…

How To Make Squirty Snow Paint

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